How to call Volley API key in Android Studio using Kotlin

Volley is an HTTP library that makes networking for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster.

Volley offers :

  • Automatic scheduling of network requests.
  • Multiple concurrent network connections.
  • Support for request prioritization.
  • Debugging and tracing tools and many more…

1. Open you Android Studio and on the left you will find Project, click on it and you will see there are multiple folder, open the app named folder and there you will find build.gradle, copy and paste the code given below in your dependencies

2. Now, in your app named folder there is a folder name src and when you open src folder you will AndroidManifest.xml, in the xml file you have to paste :-

Basically this will tell your app that you have to use INTERNET.

3. In your MainActivity.kt create a private function for example (private fun medium(){ }) (Dont FORGET to call this function in your MainActivity class) in the curly {} brackets of your function you have to paste the following code:-

When you will paste the code you will be getting errors because you have not imported the files of this code, to import the files take your cursor where you are getting errors and press ALT + ENTER and select import, If you didn’t found import you can click on Request (, it will successfully import.

To understand better how Volley works you can refer:

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